What is YourAlmanac.com?

Talk to your future self, send something 10 years into the future to your children. Or remember yourself how this time period was. In short terms: communicate with the future.

Youralmanac.com is a website where you can send messages into the future. You can send a message to yourself 5 years into the future about how great living in this time is. You can make prediction about what you will have accomplished 3 years from now or whether there are flying cars or vacations to the moon. But you can also send monthly messages to your children when you are sick and still want to give them comfort when you’re gone. Youralmanac.com is a digital time capsule.

What does Almanac mean?

Almanac means reoccurring information on certain areas. But can also stand for something that can predict certain things for the coming year. The name Almanac closely represents what youralmanac.com stands for.