About this project

We are Robin Treur (19) and Koen Verburg (21). We are currently graduated from “Het Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam” (Interactive Media Design). At the beginning of our senior year we started working on our final project. The project named “ALMANAC | a message to the future” is about sending messages to the future.

Our future:

Robin Treur: Starting next year I’m going to enroll in the study “Creative Media and Game Technologies” at “De Hogeschool Rotterdam”.

Koen Verburg: starting next year I’m going to enroll in the study “Informatica” at “De Hogeschool Rotterdam”.

“Het Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam” is a school filled with creativity and ambition. A school where everything’s about media, fresh ideas and ground breaking technologies. Without “Het Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam” and especially the education “Interactive Media Design”, we could have never made this website, so special thanks to them.